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#7 Copy It Exactly!

I still remember, when I was studying 9th standard in my schoolt10004 during drawing period, our drawing sir gave us a task, that was – see something and draw it exactly, whether it can be a picture from any of the textbooks or something outside the class we see when we peep out, etc.   He asked us to finish the task in that period itself and strictlysaying-no-star no pending work or not to postpone it for next drawing class. I got only 40 minutes with in which I had to search something and complete my task.

Some of my classmates took out their science text books and started paintingdrawing (plants. animals, etc) and some took history but what thinkI thought was that those science diagrams were already drawn in our class works and also in answer sheets, if we were asked in exams. Then.. the pictures from History book were used in historical drawing which was one of the exercises in our drawing period. Hence I thought I should think think of something else. Suddenly when I was seeing here and there to capture something, my eyes caught the picture on the cover of my rough note which was under my desk.

Immediately I said to me yayyay… I got it! soon COPY IT EXACTLY!

painting3 I started drawing it no no no copying it.

And this was the picture which I copied exactly …….




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