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#1 Welcome!

When I’m bored or want to just  pass my time I usually think of reading a novel  or listening to music  or play games   rather than painting or sketching which I love so much. But for how many days I can do the same things repeatedly, so I was thinking of doing something else which can engage myself in that at least for a few days continuously .

Thinking……  Thinking…….  

Suddenly a thoughtflashed in my mind, that’s nothing but decorating my room. Then again my mind started to think from where shall I start and how?

Again  ……. 

Then when I just turned around and around in my room thinking what shall I do?  At some point my eyes caught my plain white door, ww!! immediately I felt as if my door is asking me “Why can’t I be the first one ? because I’m the one first seen by the people whoever come to your room.” I felt great and bliss  to start a painting on my door. Finally I took few weeks to finish my paintings on my door. 

I’m happy  that who ever comes to my room appreciated me for what I have done on my door, then my vacation ends, my college starts, years passed.

One day I felt I should do something more better than previous to my door and decided to erase the painting which I already done and filled my door with new paintings in the year, 2011.

  Finally one of the paintings on my door……….



                         HEARTY WELCOME TO  YOU.  


Comments on: "#1 Welcome!" (8)

  1. Mr.Lunatic said:

    Welcome to blogging…


  2. Awesome I love this
    I have a disability
    so I often find myself bored
    this post is amazing


  3. Lovely.. Creative.. Wonderful.. I admire 🙂


  4. Lovely.. Creative.. Wonderful.. I admire 🙂


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