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#8 Daisy

One more stencil spray work which I had done during my t10004 school days, when I was in write 7th standard and… I remember well that I was clapappreciated for the work in front of the whole class.

nod smile This is the stencil cut…….

daisy stencil

To be more simple and easy we can just cut 1 flower stencil and use it for as many flowers as we need.

cloud9 Finally…………….




#4 Fantasy World

Childhood is a very joyful

I feel very delighted when I recollect my childhood days.

I believe that childhood is the happiest time because children at that age do not have any responsibilities & the way they think completely differ from others. 

childMany children imagine their own world which is definitely filled with smiling flowers, butterflies, etc.

Obviously I’m one of them. I imagine profusely and created a beautiful & fabulous world around me Jbwg which grows along with me.

ladybugOne of my beautiful imaginations in my fantasy world…. 

painting Painted this in the year, 2009..


           “ONE TOUCH OF NATURE MAKES THE WHOLE WORLD KIN.”                                                                                                 ~ William Shakespeare


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